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Living in London means there is always something new to try, and I'm loving it!

Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited* to dine at one of London's most underground and unique Restaurants. Set out of the way and hidden among the side streets, TWID is like no restaurant I've been to before and I loved it.

Sitting up in a private balcony overlooking the stage, TWID with immerse in the world of Opera. Set as if a theatre, the restaurant offers an experience like no other. With unique dishes, and an intimate setting it was a night to remember.

As we were escorted to our balcony, our evening started with specialist cocktails from the bar followed by a delicious selection of sharing dishes each with it's own unique blend of flavours and stunning presentation. 

When the music then began a classically elegant singer took to the stage and treated us to a selection of pieces from some of the worlds most famous Operas. I've never seen live Opera and didn't know what to expect, but the private dining and intimate setting made it such a special experience I've fallen in love with the Opera.

The food was beautiful as well. With a selection of dishes to accommodate all diets, there is even a delicious selection of Raw and Vegan sharing dishes prepared in house and from scratch from the talented kitchen chefs.

I loved that the restaurant offer sharing dishes exclusively, it sets TWID apart from your traditional restaurant and makes your dining experience something to be shared and enjoyed together with someone close and special to you.

We couldn't help but also taste test the dessert menu, with coffee in hand, we choose one traditional dessert and one from the Master Patissier Raw Organic and Dairy-free menu. Both equally delicious it was the perfect end to our opera experience.

I couldn't recommend TWID more! A new and special addition to London Dining, they are set to bring in the crowds I'm so happy I got to test it out before they're all booked up! So if you're looking for something different and just a little bit special head over to TWID live Opera and Cocktail Bar at London Battersea.

*This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to review the restaurant and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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