Joining a Design Firm and Getting Creative with Obby

Two weeks ago I switched things up by moving jobs to a brand new role in a brand new industry.

If someone had asked me if I'd be doing this job 5 years ago I wouldn't have even imagined it was close to my path, but low and behold here I am - a Marketing Executive for a Design Firm.

What experience to I have you might ask? Well none - and a lot. I've no formal qualifications in Marketing or Project Management. But what I do have is nearly for years as a blogger, Marketing myself and my website through online platforms and analysing my progress, and now over a year of Private Social Media Management for bloggers, Artists and Small Businesses Across the UK.

So I might not have come via the most direct or formal of route, but I still fell confident I hold enough experience and no how to have settled right into my job and I'm loving it. Plus - no one's tried to fire me yet so that's always a good sign!

On the other hand, working for a Design Firm is definitely a little out of my comfort zone. I have always dreamed of taking my career into the creative arts, and when the opportunity came along I had to grab it!

Spending my days in such an imaginative and creative environment is a real joy, and watching the designers around me work - plotting, styling, cutting and folding paper, card and other shiney things - Did I mention it's a packaging firm? Well haha yep, maybe it doesn't sound so glamorous, but for someone who's been only slightly stationary obsessed most of her life - ITS AMAZING!!

Still its got me a little jealous - I want to play with paper! So week one of the job over I decided to get creative myself.

On the weekend I signed up to Obby* a website for all things creative in London. With courses from paper craft and calligraphy, to cookery, pottery (£25) and even beauty (£25) and perfume making (£29). There are classes to suit everyone of any level of experience (or lack there of - See me, Exhibit A!)

I decided to go for Paper crafting - see if I can catch up with the competition! So I went on Paper Wild's One day Introduction to Paper Marbling. It's a 6 hour course and I was honestly thinking - really? Six hours? What are we doing that takes 6 hours?! But I tell you, 6 hours is not enough!

It was such a great day. There were 9 of us in the class in total, and luckily for me everyone there was a beginner - so pressure off!
From the moment we got there is was time to get stuck in! From learning how to make the paper bath, to preparing the paper, choosing your paints and making our first "stone casting" I was hooked!

Over the course of the day we got to experiment with colours and learn a whole array of styles, techniques and tools and to top it all off anything we made got dried, ironed, and shipped out in the post for new creative projects! I thought that was a such a lovely bonus and I couldn't wait to open my parcel when it arrived!

The day wizzed by in a flash, after 6 whole hours I can still tell you - I'm pretty rubbish haha! But it was just so much fun I'm really looking forward to carrying on. I want to master this! Paper Wild also do a book binding course (using your marbled paper!) so I really want to get good enough to attend that and see my personally designed paper adorn my new sketch book!

If you're looking to test out your creative talents, or just do something a little different on the weekend, definitely check them out. There's so many courses to choose from you're bound to find one you like and in your price range too!

For my next challenge I want to take on making my own Concrete Succulent Planter, they just look incredible, I'm dying to make one! If you want to take the class with me hurry up and sign up. We need a minimum of 4 people to attend so let's get going!

If you want to try out any of the classes on Obby you can also get £10 off with the discount code THEASTHINKINGS10. With Adult classes as little as £18, and Kids from just £10 how can you say no?!

I can't wait for my next class.

Do you take any classes just for fun? Any suggestions, or courses you want to attend? As always share your ideas in the comment box below!

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