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OK July trumps May and June combined - Does my busy life sound like a running themed to you? Well I'm hoping this are finally settling down for the Summer. I have so much I'm dying to share with you, but first a look back and July. We've seen some inspiring guest blogs to finish of the #ConfidentMeA&E series in style and we've been joined once again by some amazing bloggers for the July theasthinkings advertising team. Joining us in the sidebar last month we had: 

Lylia Rose - With us for another month, Lylia Rose is one to follow if you're looking for blogging inspiration. A self-made success, Vicky, writer and Lylia Rose is one of many bloggers paving the way by sharing her experience, exprtise and tips on making your dream blog your own personal success story. With burst of life, personal insights, and family life there's a bit of everything for the reader looking to take their blog to the next level, and follow there life and blogging aspirations.

Beauty Addict - One of the kindest people I know in the bloggersphere, I've been friends with Sarah a good long time now and I'm forever inspired by her positive outlook, ability to put her blog first (and look after herself) and write about topics she's truly passionate about. If the title doesn't tell you, Sarah is a lover of all things beauty, from candles and aroma therapy, to skin care, beauty products and even somee snippets of style, the Beauty Addict is the go to place for reviews, advice and tips on the best beauty products and trends. 

Run Your Mind Free - As well as reading her blog every month without fail, I cannot help but tune into Eugenia's - author and creator of #runyourmindfree - social media feeds. Whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, I am always inspired by Eugenia's positive outlook, strength and confidence she has found through throwing herself into the world of fitness, health and the running world. Eugenia always reminds me that whatever comes at me in life, I can always ground myself by following my passions and believing in myself. She's a real honesty teacher and motivational speaker in the making.

In August we have some really exciting posts in the making so be sure to check back to find out, and see what the month brings. Of course, also head over to these amazing bloggers channels, blogs and social media and show them some love - you won't regret it!

If you want to be there in September then get in touch! You can find out all about my Advertiser options by visiting my Blogger Services page or by contact me directly on, or on twitter @theasthinkings

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