My new evening retreat

Many many weeks ago I was **invited to a press night for a new bar in London and quickly after life carried on and despite my many visits back my brain has only now found the space to get it down on paper - well online - to tell you all about my new evening retreat and just why I've fallen in love with it.

My new secret stop off after a long day sits in the heart of London streets and is the cafe and bar otherwise known as Boki. Situated at Seven Dials and full of culture, flavour and style, I might not have found the time to write to you all, but I have certainly found the time to visit time and time again.


Unlike any other bar I've enjoyed in London
Boki offers something no other does (that I've found!). Styling a fusion of Industrial build, Soft metal materials, and full of greenery, Boki is unique in that is has no standing licence. But don't let that fool you, not allowing people to stand and otherwise squash into this cosy space, having no standing licence means the venue has a limited seated capacity creating an intimate and family feel environment where all are welcome and none want to leave.

I particularly love the Spanish style horseshoe bar where you can enjoy fresh foods from the kitchen and witness the making of beautifully crafted Coffee inspired cocktails.


With wines, spirits and coffee beans all individually sourced from produced around the glove, the delicious food menu is also inspired by Coffee infusion and created to show off Boki's unique twist on classical European dishes with their own take on rustic urban presentation.

Whether you're looking for a bite to eat, a cocktail to excite the taste buds or a private and intimate social space to enjoy a coffee with friends or loved ones, Boki is definitely one to try out for yourself. Experience the richness and warmth of Boki's urban jungle, at Sevendials.

*All photo credits go to Emory Ruegg.
**I was kindly invited to a taste night following Boki's opening, but I have not been sponsored or compensated for this post.

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