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Hey guys who's been on holiday this year? I know I've not because it's been forever since my last travel diaries. So before the year is out I wanted to share my one trip I did manage to fit in I haven't gone far but you don't have to, to enjoy a peaceful and memorable short break in the British countryside, I've been to the beautiful Epping Forest.

On the weekend the weather decided to give us one last bout of sunny weather and with no other plans my and my partner jumped on the next train tent over should and sleeping bags in hand and headed off to the tiniest of camp sites set in the heart of the Epping Forest. There's something about camping I truly love. Whether it's getting back to nature, throwing away all technology for 48 hours or simply getting time to be with my thoughts Camping is one of my favourite secret escapes and something I love to remember and long to do again.

We were lucky enough to be the only campers on the pitch, and to top it off we were given a fire pit! I can't tell you how proud I was that despite the brief showers and almost an hour of persistence my tiny little fire finally lit and burned all night! I'm a true cavewoman!!!

Between cooking on my tiny stove (OK I'm not a total cavewoman!), going on adventures...ahem well lets be honest getting lost in the woods, little trips down to the local pub and songs around the campfire it has to be the best little trip I've had in a long time and was well worth an inclusion in the Travel Diaries.

I know some people keep photo albums (my boyfriend loves to keep one for all our trips), some frame them, and some even vlog the journey, but for me, these travel diaries have been my favourite way of creating memories from my travels. I have always loved to read and take inspiration from travel blogs and hope that mine can do the same.

That's why I joined Destination2's 'Creating and Catching Memories with Travel' Campaign* to remind me of my travel diary love and get me back to sharing my trips with you.

Travel diaries are a great way to document and remember the best of your trips and adventures, whether just for you, or to share with family, friends and the wider blogosphere if you've ever shared your travel blogs let me know. Leave you links and links to those you love in the comment box, and let me know - do you like to go camping? What are you favourite place to camp and camping activities?

If you'd like to see more travel diaries let me know and I'll get to planning my next Winter Sun Adventure.

*This is not a sponsored post however I have kindly been compensated with a voucher for joining this campaign.

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