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Autumn has arrived. I've bought a new wooly coat, I've drank copious hot chocolate and I've kicked through all the leaves. It's official.

As always Summer came and went and I pretty much missed it but I'm so excited for Autumn. Other than being the most beautiful season of them all, it's also the time we snuggle up and get cosy with blankets and books and people we love. It's just my absolute favourite season. Luckily I didn't miss everything this summer including reading the inpsiring content from my go-to-gals. These girls as forever inspiring me to try new things, go on adventures and work on myself. Whenever I'm feeling a bit down I go straight to my Advertiser spot and block out an evening to dive in and get motivated again. So here's a look at my Summer Advertisers.

Run Your Mind Free - Is a blogger with guaranteed quality content. She might not post as often but when she does I am the first one there to catch up on her lateness journey to mental health and physical fitness. Following her journey as a runner and mental health advocate, Eugenia shares her latest running challenges, races from around the UK, and tips and advice on her favourite new products, running gear and accessories. When she's not blogging though she's always busy on social media, sharing her motivational running trials and tips on Instagram (creator of #runyourmindfree), and the struggles of balancing life with a full-time Physics PhD! She's a real inspiration and not one to miss.

Lylia Rose - Is also a great inspiration. A full-time blogger and Mum. Victoria from Lylia Rose shows just how its done to live the dream. With non-stop new content, there is always something new on Lylia Rose, from Blogging advice and how-to's, to life, crafts, food and Parental tribulations she's a busy bee and the perfect blog to follow if you have ambitions of going full-time one day.

Beauty Addict - If honest lifestyle blogging is your thing, Sarah author of the Beauty Addict is your gal. This year hasn't been smooth sailing for Sarah but she's an incredibly strong woman, and despite it all is still blogging and sharing her experiences with us. Between beauty, self-care and fitness and true old fashioned personal blogging Sarah offers something for everyone. Her reviews are forever introducing me to new and exciting products from beauty, to home stylings, and he journey with SlimmingWorld is an inspiration. The wonderful thing about Sarah's writing style is that you always feel that she wrote that post just for you, something so few can really do.

Do go and check out all this months Advertisers and leave a lovely comment to brighten someones day. If you'd like to join the family and advertise with TheasThinkings in November make sure you get in touch! You can find all of my Advertiser options by visiting my Blogger Services page or by contact me directly on, or on twitter @theasthinkings

See you again next month for another look at some of the amazing bloggers in the blogosphere.

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