The best and worst apps for finding your perfect Pear

Dating apps...the dreaded online profile, worse... the swipe!

How do I sound interesting? Do I need a quirky "Look how funny, but still intellectual" tag line? Do I need me to fill out 100 difference questions to create my profile? Swipe left, Swipe right, swipe up, swipe... oh no that's Instagram, where was I...

OK let's get real I HATE the dating game.

I do. The pressure to write that lengthy profile and guess who's playing games and who's not - it's like being in the school playground all over again, and some apps... don't get me started!

I can tell you I've tried my fare share of dating apps and websites - OK wait, that makes me sound awful haha! Lets start again, I've tested out 'some' dating apps - only a little better. Lets just move on shall we?

What I've always hated about about dating apps is the random matches I seemed to get and just all the time I waste trawling through the gaff to find just that one decent match. I mean really, how do they even figure that out? "Loves to watch wrestling, hates books, doesn't believe in healthy eating, works in finance" Really?? Well first off, that's a random combination of interest but most importantly, why did that even come up in my suggestions? I love your individualism, you go Glen coco, but nope. I just don't think you're the one for me.

In the end, the whole process becomes just really uncomfortable and I give up pretty quick.

When I first moved to London though I confess I did succumb to probably the most well known app on the market - Tinder - MY GOD, what was i thinking? If I thought dating apps I'd tried in the past were bad, Tinder takes the prize for terrible.

I would just match with the worst sorts of people, and all the rumours and bad rep it gets, I can tell you from experience are well deserved. Of every dating app I've tried Tinder takes the ticket for worst app on the market.

I've got a whole bunch of horror and hilarious stories I'd love to tell so let me know in the comments if you'd like to hear them but I don't want to give Tinder to much talk today because what I really want to talk about is finally finding an app I can learn to love and find the perfect pear*.

I swear I never thought it would happen, every app these days is just a copy of the last with a different colour scheme,  but really I finally found one worth our attention:


Did you ever think a match-making algorithm could win a Nobel-Prize? I know right? Me neither - but seriously one did, and it promises to revolutionise the dating scene.

Developed by mathematicians Gale and Shapely to solve the "stable marriage problem" the algorithm creates mathematically perfect pears, from a ranking comparison system.

I mean it's like Science meets Cilla Black, what's no to love?

I decided to find out a bit more about this Pear matching service and see if it would work for me and give it that Blind date test run.

Unlike what we're now used to, Pear has abandoned the painful swipe system and opted for a comparison matching service that finally connect you with people just like you, and the more you compare the more it learns about what you like and what you don't so your matches will get better and better with time.

Finally no more questionnaires, no endless random matches, less swiping and just more fun dating.

I've had the new app for just three days and I'm already really enjoying it. It was so super easy to set up, it took me literally less than a minute to pop up some half decent photos and a cute little bio, and get to comparisons, and I really do think the more I compare the more profiles are coming up that feel are a great match for me.

I haven't reached out to anyone yet but I'm looking forward to testing the app out in full over the next few days and would love if you tested it with me so we can share stories - and gossip!

The app's totally free so I'll leave a link for Android and Apple below. Let me know in the comments if you try it out and what you think of your matches! Happy dating guys, let's hope we all find out Perfect pair and finally rid ourselves of all that dreaded swiping!

What have been your best and worst dating app stories? Let me know in the comments!!

Thea x
The app uses an algorithm developed by mathematicians G
ale and Shapely to solve
stable marriage problem
, which was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 201

*This is not a sponsored post. Links in the article are affiliate links but I have been compensated in no way for producing this post. All comments are based on my honest opinion and experience using Pear.

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  1. Interesting app! I always hate such dating apps with stupid interests section where you should choose Hobby vs Studying. it's truly a painful process.

  2. Tinder is an online dating app that permits the users to anonymously it has an option of swiping up to like or dislike some profiles basically depends on their pictures.apps like tinder


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